An auto collision repair shop can get your car back on the road by offering a wide range of services in a proficient manner. Even the most experienced drivers can get into accident and need their cars to get fixed up. A car smash repair shop can restore your vehicle’s condition efficiently and quickly. No matter, if your vehicle requires minor paintless dent repair or a major body work, an auto body repair shop can get your car repaired by addressing various issues.

Towing services:

After a bad accident, you may require a towing service to take your car to the repair shop. Fortunately, most of the auto body repair shops offer towing services to bring your vehicle off the road as early as possible.


The amount of work and services required depends greatly on the condition of your vehicle. However, the auto body shop completes the repair work as quickly as possible. They have well trained professionals who use state of the art equipments to fix major repairs. They strive a lot to ensure quality service and good repairs. The repair shop also employs panel beater to restore the shape and parts of your vehicle to bring it back to the original condition. In addition, they also provide spray painting service for scratches, wings bonnets, mirrors, bumper scuffs, etc. After carrying out all these tasks, the mechanics test run your car before delivering it to you.

Additional service:

A good auto collision shop can help you with tedious insurance claiming process. They handle paperwork and let you free from the complex job. If you have met with an auto accident, there are so many things to deal with. So, having a professional by your side is extremely important. They can handle insurance claim on behalf of you and so, you can focus on other vital parts of the process.

We, at Keilor Auto Body, are professionals in providing panel beating, spray painting, dent repair, at very competitive prices. We work with the objective of getting our customer’s vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. With immense experience and extensive knowledge, we get the job done in a professional manner. If you need your car to be serviced by experts, look nowhere than Keilor Auto Body.

We offer our services in Keilor, Keilor East, Taylors Lakes, Avondale Heights and Caroline Springs.